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Administration costs in 2019
ZAPA   1.04.2019

Information about the resolution of the Administrative Board of SFP-ZAPA from 13th March 2019 which reduced deductions for administation costs to 11%.

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The abovementioned reduction concerns amounts collected from most fields of exploitation of audiovisual works. An exception is the reproduction and private copy levies for which the deduction rate is 12.5%.


New deduction rates apply to amounts collected from January 1st, 2019.


Deductions for administation costs take into account the current costs of SFP-ZAPA's operations (collection and distribution costs) in relation to the amount of royalties paid by users. High and stabile receipts from collection in recent years as well as balanced costs of operations have allowed us to reduce the deduction rate to 11%. Only in relation to two fields – requiring SFP-ZAPA to undertake much more expensive activities – the deduction rate was set at 12.5%.