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Positive results of audit of quality management system at SFP-ZAPA
ZAPA   12.10.2020

The Polish Filmmakers Association (SFP-ZAPA) passed the audit of its ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, which was carried out on 8 October 2020. The SFP-ZAPA is the only collective management organization that has held a Quality Certificate since 2007, without any interruption.

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The audit was conducted by DEKRA Certification, an independent certification body that is part of DEKRA SE, an international group with its registered office in Stuttgart. The certification covers the collective management of copyrights and related rights and cooperation with other collective management organizations.

The positive results of the audit confirm that the ISO-based quality management system used by the SFP-ZAPA is effective and continuously improving. Therefore, the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate has been renewed.

The next audit will be carried out in the end of 2021. However before that audit, a series of internal annual audits will be conducted to check the functioning of particular processed in the organization. (SFP-ZAPA team)