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Audiovisual authors’ organisations stand in solidarity with Ukraine
ZAPA   3.03.2022

The Society of Audiovisual Authors and its collective management organisation members like SFP-ZAPA stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and their creative community following the invasion of the country, and with all forms of opposition to the war.

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The SAA fully condemns Russian infame and horrifying actions and calls on the international leaders to stop immediately this shocking warfare.

“It is our duty to speak-up for Ukraine and defend the core values of the international and European community: human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law and human rights. This war in Ukraine affects all of us in the neighbouring countries and the rest of Europe, and we must demonstrate that solidarity and cooperation across borders is the unity that will protect and make us stronger” said Barbara Hayes, Chair of the board of the SAA.

The SAA defends European audiovisual authors’ rights, freedom of expression, freedom of artistic creativity and cultural diversity. Screenwriters and directors are at the very heart of creation. Their cultural expressions do not only entertain, often they also educate the audience with real-life inspired stories depicting the world and defining moments in history.

You can find full SAA statement here