Jacek Bromski's official statement addressed to the Ukrainian Ambassador

“In the face of the brutal and violating international law attack on Ukraine caused by the Russian Federation, on behalf of the Polish Filmmakers Association and the entire film community in our country, I would like to assure Your Excellency of our solidarity with the Ukrainian people in this hour of need.

The result of the invasion launched by Vladimir Putin will certainly be a wave of Ukrainian refugees that will soon reach Poland. Therefore, we would like to make Your Excellency a promise of our real support.

If in the group of war refugees, there will be representatives of the film industry (of all professions), we are able to help them find employment in the Munk Studio functions within the structures of Polish Filmmakers Association. We can also offer them employment in our Warsaw Office or in the restaurants and cinema that we manage. We can also offer accommodation for several families in the Creative Work House in Kazimierz Dolny.”

Full text of the statement you can find here.

ZAPA - The Union of Audiovisual Authors and Producers

ZAPA is one of the most successful collective management organizations in Poland. Since its inception, ZAPA has consistently strengthened its position in the copyrights market in Poland and its international position. It has negotiated and signed agreements with public and private users, cooperated with many national and international organizations and monitored the dynamic market of cable operators. The fundamental element of the ZAPA activity is proper identification of audiovisual works enabling quick payment of royalties due to their authors and producers, and supporting the fight against piracy in the trade of film works.

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