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Collection costs in 2020
ZAPA   18.03.2020

Please be advised that in accordance with the Resolution of the SFP-ZAPA Administrative Council of 18/03/2019, deductions for collection costs from all fields of operation have been reduced compared to 2019.

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In accordance with the requirements arising from the Act on Collective Copyright Management,the SFP-ZAPA Administrative Board has approved the following amounts of deductions of collection costs in these individual areas:

1) re-emission - 10%;
2) broadcasting - 10%;
3) display - 9%;
4) reproduction - 12%;
5) fees for so-called blank media - 12%;
6) public recreation - 10.5%;
7) VoD sharing - 10.5%;
8) foreign use - 10%.

The deduction of collection costs is made on the basis of the planned costs of SFP-ZAPA (collection and distribution costs) in relation to the planned amount of royalties collected. High and growing receipts from collection in recent years as well as balanced costs of conducted operations allowed for reduction of deduction rates from all fields of exploitation. Particularly noteworthy is the reduced rate of deductions from proceeds from broadcasting and re-emission (10%) and cinema views (9%) - the lowest rate in the history of SFP-ZAPA. In relation to areas requiring SFP-ZAPA to take much more costly actions, the deduction rate was set at a slightly higher level of 12% (multiplication, charges from blank carriers),although it was also reduced compared to 2019.

The new deduction rates apply to amounts collected starting from January 1, 2019.